Executive profile: Jason French


Photo by Lee Celano

Photo by Lee Celano

Name: Jason French
Position: Vice President of Government and Public Affairs
Company: Tellurian Inc./Driftwood LNG
Age: 38
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Education: Bachelor of Arts, University of Louisville

A Texan by birth, Jason French spends most of his time in Louisiana these days, working to make Tellurian a leading voice in the state’s growing LNG industry. Driftwood LNG, a subsidiary of Tellurian, is developing a liquefied natural gas production and export terminal on the west bank of the Calcasieu River that will be able to export up to 26 million tons of LNG to customers around the world.

As a voice for this developing world-scale project, French also leads efforts to educate the public and state policy makers on issues important to the energy industry.

His experience running government affairs with BP during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill changed his career “unimaginably,” he says. The 2010 tragedy is what brought him to Louisiana for the first time, and he’s pretty much been working in the state since. He remained with BP through the company’s spill response efforts, helping residents and elected officials in Grand Isle, then joined Cheniere in 2011.

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