LEEA Steel Tariff Statement

The Louisiana Energy Export Association (LEEA), representing the State of Louisiana LNG Industry, is strongly opposed to the steel and aluminum tariffs recently implemented by the Trump administration. LNG exports will dramatically improve the U.S. balance of trade, and investment in the growth and development of LNG facilities in Louisiana offers the state a unique and long sought opportunity to grow its economy through a massive infusion of out of state dollars, which in turn, will benefit local communities and provide meaningful jobs for our people. These tariffs run a high risk of derailing these investments and doing significant damage to Louisiana's prospects for this unprecedented degree of economic progress. The proposed tariffs will increase the construction costs of LNG facilities and natural gas pipelines. Increased construction costs must be passed on in the form of higher prices which instantly makes the U.S. less competitive against other global LNG sourcing options available to potential customers. LNG export development projects are based on financial models that do not reflect the impacts of tariffs. These projects should be exempted from the tariffs to prevent adverse effects to negotiations already underway. LEEA represents an industry that trades in a global commodity and embraces free trade practices as the most efficient way for price signals to enter the market.

Maury Hudson
Chair, Louisiana Energy Export Association