Reliable delivery of U.S. LNG to Asia is guaranteed

  • LNG stakeholders in the U.S. and Asia, as well as the Panama Canal Authority ("Autoridad de Canal de Panama" (ACP)) recognize the need for reliable and secure passage for LNG tankers through the Panama Canal.
  • There is no limitation on the number of LNG vessels that can transit the Canal per day. Multiple tankers can transit the Canal on the same day, in the same or opposite directions. The number of LNG vessels allowed to transit the Panama Canal per day depends on the total number of LNG and non-LNG cargoes scheduled for any particular day.
  • Currently, there is one guaranteed booking slot per day for LNG vessels transiting the Canal, but the Panama Canal Authority is looking at options to open up additional opportunities to LNG vessels.
  • If other vessels (for example, container ships) do not fill all the booking slots available to them on a given day, the ACP makes those booking slots available to LNG vessels.
  • Current navigation rules restrict LNG vessels to daytime only transit of the locks, but the Panama Canal Authority is expected to open nighttime transit for LNG vessels in the near future.
  • There are significant ongoing talks with LNG offtakers and shippers and the ACP with the aim of increasing LNG transits via the Canal to offer greater flexibility for LNG delivery into Asia.
  • As a result, the ACP recently announced that it would increase LNG transits by 50 percent by September 2018.